Every month, Night Late’s team of late night writers and producers selects a different one of their tippy-top favorite UCB performers and builds a brand new late night talk show in their image.  

We worship that host, indulge in their interests and personality, and give them the chance to do the weird things they’ve always wanted to do but never have, knowing that they never ever have to top it in episode 2.  

We want to showcase a new voice each show and bring something new to late night.

One month the host wants to do a comic-book themed late night talk show.  The next month we’re doing one around the world of drag queens.  The next month it’s about the 1985 Yankees.   

With each of those host-inspired themes, we build a late night talk show around it.  A welcome, bits, guest interview, monologues, sketches, musical guests, field pieces — whatever will make the host really shine and nothing where they won’t.

Night Late:  It’s the UCB’s Late Night Monster Machine