Night Late with Morgan Grace Jarrett

Wednesday September 23, 2014 — Morgan Grace Jarrett (Broad City)

September’s host was the wonderful Morgan Grace Jarrett. Morgan’s the sweetest person in the world, and we modeled her late night show on a comedy version of a daytime talk show, with NY’s top lifestyle bloggers coming, Birchbox & Pinterest segments, and a tremendous tremendous amount of Katy Perry songs.

Segments included:

  • An audience giveaway that releases a nightmare demon into the crowd
  • Morgan auditioning with Birchbox’s social media director to do an unboxing
  • Hank Denkleman, the gross real identity of an elegant mommy blogger
  • Lifestyle blogger Natalie Jean plays “Lifehacks Throughout History”
  • A game of “Who Knows Morgan Best” with the three men in her life

For clips, click on Morgan below: