Night Late with Brian Faas

Wednesday February 25, 2015 — Brian Faas (“Best Week Ever”)

Hosted by Best Week Ever‘s Brian Faas, this pop-culture review show featured comedian Michelle Buteau and EW’s Adam Markovitz among other pop culture guests and commentators. Oscars, The Slap, 50 Shades, it all got covered.

Segments included:

  • Co-hosting a topical monologue with an audience member
  • GAME — “Science or Briance”, Michelle Buteau had to guess if a fact was true or just sounded true because Brian said it
  • Favorite pop culture clips from guests
  • Casting the new “To Kill a Mockingbird” sequel film
  • Brian visited a real gun range
  • “Snap Judgment”, Brian gets blitzed to reveal his personal stances about pop culture issues

Click on T-Fassthousand to check out clips from the show: