Night Late with Lauren Adams

Wednesday April 22, 2015 — Lauren Adams (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”)

This Food Network-inspired Night Late was hosted by Lauren Adams and featured her guests being served by one of New York’s best chefs, Josh Capon. We’re talking restaurant etiquette, horrible Yelp reviews, and of course a disgusting-food eat-off.

Segments included:

  • Lauren’s monologue on modern dining etiquette
  • GAME:  “Who Ate It?”  Who ate it:  meal for a famous celebrity or death row inmate?
  • FIELD PIECE:  Lauren visits the hour-long line for a noodle place and asks “…why?”
  • Writer Geoff Garlock comes out to pitch a spin-off show:  “Top Jeff”
  • Josh Capon prepares the traditional Italian meal of Guacamol’.
  • “One Star Yelp Reviews”, of four-star restaurants
  • Comedian and Seth Meyers writer Michelle Wolf delivers an amazing bit on Bill Cosby
  • Lauren eats the grossest food we could find — duck embryo.

Click on Lauren hosting the hell out of the show