Night Late with Josh Ruben

Wednesday May 27, 2015 — Josh Ruben (College Humor)

For this show, we created a Pee-Wee Herman-esque manic vibe to match Josh Ruben’s intensity. That night Josh is took the Improvised Impressions Challenge, where the audience throws out impressions for him to do with no advanced warning. He gave life advice to the youngest member of the audience, revealing true dark secrets of his life, and we brought in an astrologer (Josh is a big astrology believer) to finally reveal to Josh the question he’s always been too afraid to ask: when is Josh Ruben gonna die.

Segments included:

  • A monologue of advice to his younger self
  • Improvised Impressions Challenge
  • DESK BIT — “Typos”, a look at hilarious and “very real” typos from newspapers
  • “Dark Secret Bell”, whenever a bell rings, you have to reveal a dark secret about yourself
  • Guest: Caroline Rhea!
  • Astrologer lets Josh know he’ll win an Oscar and IS going to die some day.

Click on Josh and Caroline Rhea laughing to watch clips from the show:

IMG_5895 (1)