Night Late with Jeremy Bent

Wednesday August 26, 2015 — Jeremy Bent (DC Comics)

For this show, we build a comic-book-store set and let host Jeremy Bent give us an insider’s tour. Jeremy highlighted the weirdest comic book storylines in a game of “Real or Not”, visited the Javits Center to ask questions about Comic Con to attendees of an interior design convention, and at the very end of the night: Jeremy’s pitched a brand new comic book to his industry guests. DID HE SUCCEED? His rent depended on it.

Segments included:

  • A monologue on why comic books are already cool
  • Animators sketching the show as it happens
  • “Guess the Dialogue”, panels with dialogue missing
  • Jeremy Straight — the evil version of Jeremy Bent, who represents the worst of the comic book world
  • “Real or Not”, where Jeremy presents insane comic book concepts that all turn out to be real
  • FIELD PIECE:  Jeremy visiting Comic Con — weeks before Comic Con gets there
  • Jeremy pitches three new comic book ideas to Rickey Purdin and Charles Soule, two of the best in the comic book industry

To check out clips, click on some of the artwork inspired by the show’s banter, mainly about what if Jeremy was a cat:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.53.07 PM