Night Late with Jo Firestone

Wednesday September 23, 2015 — Jo Firestone (WMFU, “The Chris Gethard Show”)

For her late night talk show hosting debut, Jo is threw a party for the audience that she’s never met. Party hats, jamz, and a net full of balloons precariously suspended over the stage. And though she’s hosting, she’s gonna lean on the audience for a lot of the legwork. She’ll help THEM deliver the monologue, interview them for a live man-on-the-street video, give a hug to the saddest person in attendance and generally try to see she can present: the dumbest bit to ever be done in late night.

Segments included:

  • A rhyming topical monologue
  • A sidekick cooking pancakes for any audience member who wants one
  • A live man-on-the-street filming, which premiered 20 minutes later
  • GAME:  “Sad-Off”, contestants compete to be sadder
  • The Dumbest Bits Ever contest, including “Catchphrase Man” and “Crawl Across the Stage Over the Course of 8 Minutes”
  • GUEST:  Todd Barry wonders what’s happening

To check out clips from this weird weird show, click on this winner (?) of the Mr/Ms. Audience Pageant:

Screenshot 2015-10-01 13.54.54